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Some work to do in maths, but I was impressed by their attitude and approach to the challenge. They were challenged to come up with their own team name, but it had to include my year 6 colleagues favourite word. There was no way of finding out the favourite word of the teacher, so they had to guess. During lunch time, my colleague put the group names into order and point were allocated. Also over lunchtime, the children set to work on their long term tasks.

The same group were able to bring me a child born on 28th May I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly they managed to do this. In the afternoon, they were challenged to learn The Highwayman poem. This, as it turns out, is more of a long term task.

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Next, blindfold drawing. Once completed, the team captains lined them up and I chose the best collections of art work. A interesting array of work, mostly landscapes, pigs, stars and a Christmas tree. I should probably collect them in and submit them for psychological analysis. The big task this afternoon was simply…build a tower. So they did. See pictures below. Bonus points for the tidiest team. To end the day, the children began their diary of the week. Reflecting on what was successful or not, how they felt about the tasks, all while using a range of conjunctions obviously.

Finally, I set the children their overnight task of bringing in a book to read to a younger class. Great news this morning, as most of the children remembered to bring in a book to read to a younger class. More on that later. Over night we received a messaged from Taskmaster creator Alex Horne, he was interested to see what we had been up to, and explained that the real Taskmaster had agreed to give them 6 points each.

taskmaster's real secret move

This, he explained, was particularly special, as no one ever gets 6 points. A brilliant and encouraging way to kick off the day. Next up a quick task, think of the lowest unique number. I specified that it had to be a whole number, greater than 1 as they started thinking of billion or 0.

real taskmaster type - Translation into French - examples English | Reverso Context

Throwing the tea bag from the greatest distance was interesting. Most just stood on the same spot for their attempt, until one girl walked up and dropped it in. In the TV series, most realised that wetting the tea bag, made it easier to throw, none of the children thought of this. Most groups went for two digit numbers. One group went for , and got it spot on. As soon as I revealed the task, he wrote it down. While performing comes very naturally to some children, to others, it is far from their comfort zone.

One group was struggling to get one member to join in.

Task Master

They asked me to help. I was really impressed and proud of how the team worked together and supported each. They all learnt from it though. It was a really heart warming moment. Children in my class who struggle with self-belief and confidence, were caring, compassionate and confident with their partners. This is something we will definitely be repeating. Then we made a piece of art using a toilet roll.

One group was struggling, but with a small amount of guidance, were able to communicate positively with each other to resolve their disagreement and understand each others differences. I think they are starting to realise they are learning about themselves, as well as practising a variety of skills over the week. Another quick task next. Stand up for seconds. They had to stand for exactly seconds, and then sit down. We did this one group at a time, and the results we varied. All over shot the seconds. Fifth place were over by 92 seconds. The closest team were over by 12 seconds. Some work on estimating time me thinks.

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Our final task of the day was to get an egg as high as possible, without it breaking. I gave them 5 minutes to prepare, this included regular time checks and a count down from 10 to 1.

Just really low down. Lessons learnt by all. To round the day off I set the class their End of the Day task. Tomorrow they should all come to school, wearing the most unusual hats. But that never happened, and instead, he became Taskmaster. As his condition worsened, Taskmaster fell under the care of by his wife, Mercedes Merced, an ex-S.

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Taskmaster has the enviable power of masterfully copying anything and anyone he sees. And after studying a subject, he is able to predict their every move. When necessary, he can also study the speech and vocal range of other people. His arsenal of ancient medieval weaponry comes from studying Captain America shield , Black Knight sword , and Hawkeye bows and arrows. Because no matter how much Taskmaster studied Wade Wilson, he could never predict what the fourth wall-breaking Deadpool would do next.

And watching subjects via video in fast-forward puts a strain on his body, which means he can only perform feats for a short period of time.

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  7. Cult genre actor Clancy Brown best known as either the guy from Highlander or Mr. Taskmaster has also been a playable character in Marvel vs. Alex Horne acts as Greg's assistant and umpire during the challenges. The Taskmaster's job is to set simple comedic and bizarre tasks to five contestants - usually comedians.

    After the challenges have been shown it is up to the Taskmaster to allocate points - and he can be ruthless. He is often referred to on the show as "Little Alex Horne", although he is in fact 6ft 2inches. A tenth series of the hit show has not yet been ordered but all fans will be hoping there will be one in