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Judith Orloff M.D.
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How To Deal With Negative People & Toxic Energy Vampires | Sarah Lawrence | YourTango

Houd er rekening mee dat het artikel niet altijd weer terug op voorraad komt. Anderen bekeken ook. The Blokehead Emotional Vampires 12, Prof Mike Lee Empath 13, Patsy Rodenburg Presence 16, Diane Kathrine Empath Power 15, Catherine Carrigan Unlimited Intuition Now 20, Bekijk de hele lijst. Why might that be so? The crown of the head is called the baihui point in Chinese medicine and the Taoist arts.

Another way parents steal the qi of their children, especially babies, is through their feet. But fear not. Everyone unconsciously engages in these psychic activities: your parents did it to their parents … on and on throughout history. You start from where you are right now. The past is in the past. The primary goal of energy vampires is to trigger an emotional reaction—the more intense the emotion, the stronger the energetic charge with which it can feed. Shame and guilt are two of the most potent weapons an emotional vampire can use to sap your life force.

Phrases like these can collapse your energy system, leaving you susceptible to further psychic attacks.

Other common tactics include irritating and annoying a person children often use this one on their parents , as well as surprising, shocking, or terrifying them. Tickling itself is a behavioral pattern of the Sadist archetype. If you look closely in the eyes of a child as you tickle them, you will see fear. If you doubt that tickling induces fear, go to tickle a child and watch their shoulders.

Avoid Negative People: The Energy Vampires & Emotional Black Holes!

Or even better, imagine someone tickling you. Notice the tension around on your kidneys and the muscles around your spine. One of the most common tools of psychic vampires is the direct use of thought forms. In most cases, this occurs because the other person was thinking about you. In the case of psychic vampires, they will repeatedly direct negative thoughts and ill wishes toward you.

The challenge here is that the individual sending these negative thoughts is often unaware of it.

For example, someone who often worries about another person including a mother is likely unconscious to how a part of them is wishing another harm. A part of this person wants the individual they are worrying about to be safe or careful, while another part might want them to get hit by a car. In witchcraft, there are specific spells that are used to draw energy from others. Because we are mostly unconscious to this occult knowledge, the archetypes in us conduct these practices without our awareness. I cover the Denying Innocent One in this guide on the magician archetype. The innocent one will deny they are involved in vampirism.

The Victim is a deceptive energy thief.

Negative People as Energy Vampires

I say to beware of these two archetypes because they can be difficult to detect and they can easily trick our conscious mind. Behind the innocent one is the Detached Manipulator. Cloaked beneath the helpless victim, is the Tyrant. As I said earlier, everyone is an emotional vampire. That is, under the right conditions, we each steal energy and light from others. If we remain unconscious to them, however, they operate within us whether we want them to or not. First, when the pineal gland is calcified, as it seems to be in most individuals, it may not be possible to fully observe psychic events like energy vampirism.

Second, we hold an incredible amount of repressed emotions, which block the energy flow through the primary channels of our body. See: How to Transmute Repressed Emotions. Fourth , we move too quickly. The faster we move around, the less information we process. Slow down and stay curious. Fifth , we are consumed by shame and guilt. Shame can be a useful emotion if it motivates you to take action.

It may be a universal law that someone cannot energetically take from you without your consent. Consent, in this case, can come in the form of ignorance, innocence, or silence. For this reason, Jung spoke about the individuation process —the path to becoming a whole individual and returning to our Self. Every time you reject something in yourself including confidence, strength, and intelligence, you give it away to someone else. And as I explained in this projection guide , when you project your light onto others, especially teachers and other authority figures, they gladly receive it because it feeds their inflation.

So that means you have to take it back. You can accomplish this through your conscious intent. Generally, nothing needs to occur in the physical world. Stealing is the most common way. The third way is by cultivating your internal energy. Consider how energetically depleted we are as a people. We work tirelessly in front of computers, bombarded by harmful electromagnetic frequencies from WIFI and our devices. Most of us live in a state of chronic stress and fatigue, but we might not even slow down long enough to notice our condition. Qigong and Nei Gong represent vast systems of theories and practices designed to open up your body and cultivate the energy running through you and nature itself.

This topic is vast. A foundational practice in many qigong systems is called Zhan Zhuang , or standing like a tree. This notion can evoke tension and fear in itself. But unconscious and repressed emotions make it difficult to stay neutral from moment to moment. The Innocent One, a shadow of the Magician archetype , wants to believe everyone especially those closest to us are purely good. The wisdom within our bodies knows that energy vampires exist. It has experienced this psychic event firsthand from both sides throughout its life.

Yet, this accountability is necessary for self-leadership. This level of psychic accountability is necessary if we are to contain our vampirism, or at least lessen its effects on us. Have I gone off the deep end here? Or have you had experiences with energy vampires and stealing light in your own life? Realizing how I steal and let people steal my energy was initially uncomfortable.

Thanks coach. Thank you for the comments, Alfred. Indeed, coming to terms with this type of thing definitely creates discomfort.

How to spot (and deal with) an energy vampire

It still does for me as well. I witnessed a lot of this behavior first hand. They do this to steal your light. They get off on stealing your light.

Reggae artists know about vampires. Thanks for posting the article. Thanks for the comments, John. Remember though that we are ALL vampires. This was simply amazing and right on time for me. I have been hearing about Energy vampires a lot lately and recently began crystal healing. A few months ago It was suggested to me this is a good protection crystal. I wear it daily. Your article explained things in depth and I see where I have personally been a vampire.

How to Deal with Energy Vampires: 8 Simple Tips

I am a mother as well, so thank you for bringing awareness to stealing light from our children. Thanks for taking the time to comment. We have it and many other types of crystals in our home as well.

Don’t feel guilty about NOT spending time with energy vampires