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This article is quite true. The points that resonate most are that a good solid relationship must have friendship, because friends care how one another feels, and validation of feelings. Those that pretend to care but dont care about how we feel are not interested in anything other than themselves and their satisfaction.

It is a mans job? So with that reasoning I guess the women belongs in the kitchen and cleaning the house as well? Geebee , January 28, PM. Women have come to the conclusion that they belong in the home and kitchen themselves. Look at all the "corporate" ladies that quit to be SAHMs. It is not that women can't provide and take care of the kids too. But this is not ideal. The mommy blogging world is full of ladies that will attest to this fact. Women have learned that nothing beats the glory of being at home, raising children and cleaning up their messes just like G-d created us to do. The genius in women is when they realize this simple truth.

Rachel Soussan , October 14, AM. Thank you so much. I couldn't agree more. I really want to be at home making it look wonderful for my family in the right time, please G-d. I am highly intellectual and well trained and going to be a doctor but at the end of the day, home is where it all counts. Anonymous , August 31, AM. Any arrangement the couple agrees on is fine.

10 Questions to Ask Before Getting Married

She can pursue a career for her own fulfilllment or to help out or to support the family -- or whatever works for them. BUT he's the one who promises in the ketubah, "I willl support her After all, if the doctor prescribes bedrest for a pregnancy , that's something that only she can do -- and he must provide for the family while she does it. His readiness to accept that burden frees her in case she decides she wants to take off a few years to care for their twins. Anonymous , January 9, PM.

It's not that a woman can't provide. It's that when hard times may fall upon a woman, the man steps up and provides for them both.

13 Questions to Ask Before Getting Married

That's a huge responsibility along with also providing for kids. It's about taking on responsibility, not forcing the woman to slave away at home. Nothing to get offended about; hard times fall on everyone sometimes.

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It's chivalry at it's best and honorable, in my opinion. Yes, I am a woman and yes, I provide half of the income in my household. That doesn't mean I can't appreciate when a man acts in an honorable way for his family.

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Thank you so much for this timeless wisdom. Anyone considering marriage should know these precepts, not just observant Jews. Hi there, I really love the relevance of your 10 questions. However, is it true that if any one of them is not fulfil, marriage is a definite no go? The most common source of problems in marriages is that the couple misinterpreted their mutual feelings of attraction as love. It is important to know that attraction is a feeling that may fade, while love is a promise. If you are thinking of getting married, then please read "Attraction is a feeling. Love is a promise.

For those who are not ready to get merrige here are wonderfull strong points they should to learn. Learn from those you will see a destination in your marrige.

100 Pre Marital Questions

You are so on target. My son is in a serious relationship. Whether he has committment issues or he does not know if this girl is his bashert, I think by reading the ten questions , he will be able to move on with his relationship , or not. We hope and pray that with guidance and the help of God, it will all work out well. Both families are not agreeing on a location for their children's wedding. I asked my in-laws to allow me have my wedding at my home town because that's where it will be easy for me, but, they refused, saying that I have come to marry their daughter, therefore, I must have my wedding in their own location.

Please, what do you think? Zeev , April 11, AM.

My father taught me 30 years ago that the wedding takes place where the bride resides usually her parent's place and that after the wedding the wife moves to where her husband resides. My highest priority was to get married with my wife. The place of the wedding was definitely a lesser priority. Marry her any place she wants to marry you.

And may your marriage be blessed.

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I asked my furture husband all these questions. Right now I am in a long distance relationship that has potential to turn into something more serious. I am at the point where I have to figure out, is it really potential or is it not. These questions make me think about how things are going, and some of the things that are not there. Sometimes it is difficult to look outside of the feelings you have to discover if that person is really the kind if person with whom to share your love, life and start a family with.

Yael , January 21, PM. I am in a long-distance courtship we haven't met yet and the thing that has me thinking is the cultural diference of the place I'd been moving to if we choose to marry. Right now we are on a break from chatting to see if we really want to take the next step: meeting up.

Hatzlaja to all am israel and may all that are single may find our zibug agun soon. You have raised very vital and valuable points up here! I'm so touched and blessed! I will make my husband to be read this!!

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  • Good points, all well summarized. It's that difference which is the cause for a great deal of the strife that couples experience today. This has had the affect of ennobling many women solely because of what they are with little or no regard for the value of self respect or any virtue or factor of creditable worth. And while radical liberals that are Jewish internally tend to equate "social justice" with advancing their variant of narcissistic nihilism, a greed woman is still just a Rasheh like anyone else, not marriage material.

    This certainly got me thinking and exploring my reasons for wanting to further my relationship with my girlfriend. Thank you for the thoughtful, incredibly insightful and wise counsel. Thinking twice about it now even if we have kids in reality it might no no Ty work or will opened up my eyes. Yes of course.. I believe in him and i love him so much.. I'm not a nagger.. I really appreciated this article. Even though it is centered around Judaism, the ten questions are not exclusively for those of Jewish belief.

    I am in a long term relationship with a young man, and have recently started wondering whether or not we should take the next step and get married. But as much as I love, trust and respect him, I do indeed have some lingering doubts. What I love most about this article is that it doesn't tell you to give up on a relationship just because of those doubts. It urges you to discover the root of those doubts instead. This advice is sound and well thought out, and has made me feel I am young, I have time, and if this man is the one who I will spend the rest of my life with, that should make itself clear in time.

    Thank you for easing my mind. I love this article as I am knowingly, fully in love with a man that I would give my life for to prove all the above attributes. As I most certainly know what real love is and what a good marriage needs to be successful.

    24 thoughts on “100 Pre Marital Questions”

    I only wished I had the chance to have shown him that! I feel that while you where mostly right you missed some key points. I wouldn't appreciate nagging as conflict resolution. The home was meant to be peaceful.

    50 MUST-ASK Questions Before Marriage

    Anonymous , April 10, AM. I take issue with the following Your advice should be addressed to both. And some of them do need to be pressured.