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Everyone loves a good story. As we look at the story of our lives and what our lives are meant to look like, the life Jesus offers His followers makes more and more sense. The Series Guide should be read before your first week.

DIY Life Story and memoir writing - Simply Life Stories

Kudos to you for doing that! And the Weekly Leader Guide should be read before each week your group meets. In fact, while we may want a life that ends happily ever after, most of us would say we want a happy life right now. We all want our life story to be happy. We want our kids to be happy. We want our marriages to be happy. We want to be happy in our job, happy in our friendships, happy in our finances.

It drives everything we do.

In fact, sometimes it feels the more we chase happiness, the more it remains just out of reach. Jesus showed us that when we let go of happy, He will give us something much better in return. Jesus came not to give us a happy story, but a better story. Thankfully, Jesus offers us something much better than mere happiness—He offers us joy. While happiness depends on circumstances, joy transcends them. While happiness is chained to our external circumstances, joy is rooted inside of us.

And we can find joy by focusing on something other than our circumstances—by focusing on Jesus and His Kingdom. We live in an amazing world of technology. When you think about it, our phones, computers, tablets and nearly every app we can download have the same purpose—to make life easier.

This warmhearted, encouraging guide helps readers record the events of their lives for family and friends. Provided are tips on intriguing topics to write about, foolproof tricks to jog your memory, ways to capture stories on paper without getting bogged down, ways to gather the facts at a local library or historical society, inspired excerpts from other writers, and published biographies that will delight and motivate.

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Community Reviews. Showing Average rating 3. Rating details. Sort order. Jul 15, Patty rated it did not like it Shelves: read-for-class , abandoned. The suggestions in this book are uniformly obvious, and the examples given to illustrate the suggestions show little voice or style. Mar 30, Ron rated it really liked it. Tell me more. In The Happiness Hypothesis by Jonathan Haidt, vertical coherence is discussed in the context of happiness. This is the essence of vertical coherence.

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Same goes for Mark, the journalist who has a deep passion for quality journalism who now finds himself working at a tabloid, unable to write the high-caliber pieces he craves. Chronically unhappy days become unhappy weeks, months, and years. Although Haidt clearly describes why vertical coherence is important in The Happiness Hypothesis, I found it a bit lacking in practical approaches to remedying the issue.

Thankfully, WaitButWhy. In his post, he details his approach to life in the form of a framework, touching on wisdom, mindfulness, long term goals, and a hint of spirituality. Remember, humans are great at waking up and doing things, but not so great at longer-term planning and execution. Ok, that sounds pretty cool. Examples please. He calls out potentially counter-productive emotions e. Ok great.

So Tim made a framework and you made a framework. So what? Buddhism , but it never hurts to thoughtfully engage with the important questions surrounding a life framework. By wrestling with the questions below, you may learn a thing or two about your priorities in life, which can only help. Here are the five questions that Tim used to help generate his framework:. Potentialist — One who seeks to maximize the potential of oneself, as well as that of those around oneself.

How to write a story - John Dufresne - TEDxFIU

The What : Unlocking your potential to make the world a better place, for both yourself and others. This is different for everyone, so your mileage may vary. In its most broad terms, though, here are the levels you might encounter along the way:. Level 1 : On this level, you give your work the bare minimum or close to it to earn your paycheck and settle into a lifestyle of consumption e.

Life Story Work

TV, movies, video games, fast food, the latest gadgets. You spend a majority of your time consuming and very little time if any creating and sharing with the world. Level 2 : On this level, you understand the value of hard work and learning by doing.

Life at its many (vertical) levels

You might take classes to learn something new, or perhaps find time to volunteer. You typically keep your life in balance, allowing your career and personal endeavors to develop quite well. Level 3 : On this level, something inspires you to take action. When it comes to breakthroughs, this level is typically where the magic happens: impactful discoveries unfold; major forks in the road encountered, analyzed, and chosen; perseverance exhibited, yielding results.

No need to go into detail here. As an example, I saved up for out-of-pocket lab work this year that helped me identify adrenal gland imbalances, which was causing me significant fatigue. This is a toughie; chronic procrastination is not an easy challenge to overcome.