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He is one of the few intelligence heroes that truly benefit from intelligence items and is effective against heroes that rely mostly on spells, as he can silence them while stealing their intelligence and adding it to his own.

He is a notorious anti-caster hero who can disrupt the magical abilities of his enemies and cripple spellcasters throughout the game. Arcane Curse slows and causes enemies to lose health for a set duration, but increases with each spell the enemy casts, forcing them to either wait and cast no spell until it expires, or cast spells and prolong the debuff and thus take more damage. Last Word places a curse on Nortrom's target that damages and silences for a long duration if the target casts a spell. If the target does not cast a spell before the curse duration ends the effects are the same.

Glaives of Wisdom is an active attack modifier that deals a percentage of Nortrom's intelligence as pure damage.

‘The Stolen’ confirms talent Alice Eve and Jack Davenport - Premiere Capital

Nortrom's ultimate, Global Silence , silences all enemy units on the map for a few seconds. A well-timed Global Silence can be used to save yourself or an ally, initiate a teamfight, or ruin the enemy's initiation.

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Silencer has the unique innate ability, Intelligence Steal , which permanently steals the intelligence of enemy heroes that die near him or are directly killed by him and adds it to his own. This rewards his presence in teamfights, also making his glaives ever stronger as the battle goes on. Sign In. From Dota 2 Wiki. Jump to: navigation , search. Old Abilities. Known Bugs. Nortrom, the Silencer. Lore :. Part of the seventh and final generation of a carefully designed pedigree, Nortrom was bred by the ancient order of the Aeol Drias to be the greatest magic user the world had ever seen.

He was the prophesied one, the culmination of two-hundred years of careful pairings, a war-mage who would bring glory to the order, and destruction to their sworn enemies, The Knights of the Fold. While the other students honed their talents with fire, or ice, or incantatory spells, Nortrom sat silent and talentless, unable to cast so much as a hex.

In disgust, the preceptors berated him, while the children laughed. Still, Nortrom did not slink away. He entered the day of testing and faced down the young mages who had mocked him. And then his preceptors learned a valuable lesson: a lack of magic can be the greatest magic of all. Nortrom silenced the young mages one by one and defeated them in single combat, until he alone stood as champion of the Aeol Drias, in fulfillment of the prophecy.

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Intelligence Steal. Ability Passive. Silencer will permanently steal 2 4 with Talent intelligence from any enemy hero that dies within range or is killed by the Silencer.

Steal Radius : Stolen Intelligence : 2 4. Illusions cannot steal intelligence. Although the status buff is copied by illusions, the stolen intelligence is not copied. Int Steal: Undispellable. Notes: This is an innate ability and does not need to be skilled. It is not bound to any ability, but to Silencer himself.

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Stolen intelligence is directly removed from the enemy's base intelligence and added to Silencer's base intelligence. Bonus intelligence cannot be stolen. It does not matter how an enemy hero within the radius dies, Silencer always steals its intelligence. Silencer also always steals intelligence when he deals the killing blow on an enemy hero, regardless of distance.

However, Silencer needs to be alive as the kill happens to steal the intelligence. Cannot steal intelligence from illusions or hero clones.

Space Jam - Michael Jordan Gives Back The Stolen Talents

When Silencer kills a Meepo clone however, he does steal intelligence, since killing a Meepo clone also kills the main Meepo. Cannot reduce enemy base intelligence below 1.

Silencer also does not gain intelligence from heroes that are at 1 intelligence. Enemy non-intelligence heroes effectively lose 24 48 mana , 0. Enemy intelligence heroes effectively lose 24 48 mana , 0. Vice versa, effectively increases Silencer's mana, mana regen amplification, spell damage, and attack damage by the same amount per stack. Ability Target Area. Damage Magical. Curses the target area, causing enemy heroes to take damage and slowing their movement speed. Anytime affected enemies cast a spell, the duration is increased. Cast Animation : 0.

Slow persists and attempts to damage if debuff was placed before spell immunity and when not dispelled. Curse Of The Silent: Dispellable with any dispel. Nortrom's lack of incantations is less of a problem for him than it is for his adversaries. Notes: Whenever an affected unit casts a spell, the duration is increased by 5. This effect has no stack limit. Fully ignores toggle abilities, active attack modifiers and the abilities listed here.

If an affected unit gets silenced , the duration and the damage are paused until the silence expires.

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However, the slow is not paused while silenced and still slows affected enemies. Successive casts of Arcane Curse fully stack, always placing an independent debuff. The sound effect played on every damage instance is only audible to the affected unit's player.

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