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SAS sniper 'kills three ISIS bombers by shooting THROUGH a 10in thick wall from 1,000 metres away'
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Showing of 1 reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Format: Paperback. I have nearly all of Geoff Thompson's technical books, and I believe this is the best one. In this book, Mr. Thompson covers the difference between a match fight, a gratuitous assault, and a pre-planned mugger's approach of disarming; the effects of muscle memory and action triggers; the different kinds of adreneline and how they effect a fighter; why you should have a 'main artillery' weapon and how to use it; and training for incorperating these newfound principles.


Off hand, I'd say the most valuable part of this book is how to deal with the law when it comes to post-fight conditions. Once again, Mr. Thompson, a karate black-belt turned bouncer, covers his 'fence' system and how to use it. Overall, this book gives the reader a terrific game plan for self-defense by giving him or her true knowledge of how fights go down and what to expect.

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American Sniper

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This invasion is the beginning of the problem of the overall story. His memories are strong, and his instincts worsen. Displaying Hyper-Arousal—Chris is always on edge. He closes off to his wife in the nursery and bedroom, ignoring her pleas. Conversely, he displays extreme edginess toward lawn mower noises, drills in the auto shop, and vehicles on the interstate; he even screams at a nurse he perceives to be ignoring his daughter. As a boy he develops this sense in the context of defending his little brother on the playground from bullies; as a man he transfers it to defending SEALs and marines on the battlefield, which is the setting in which PTSD delivers blow after blow to his self-worth.

Though initially helpful as a boy, his raw values prove to be in want of fleshing out. Chris is confident in his course of action. Yet, despite it, his worry for soldiers mounts with the rise in his confidence that he is doing the right thing. The doctor takes the attention off of him and encourages him to participate with disabled veterans. Chris quietly accepts an accurate a treatment for his PTSD.

Also he makes a difference in the lives of soldiers; galvanizes his healing process.

Three Second Fighter: The Sniper Option - Geoff Thompson - Google книги

He develops PTSD. A strong, stubborn man with a black-and-white view of right and wrong. Chris is a skilled sniper who suffers from debilitating PTSD though he hides it well. He snipes Iraqi insurgents, spend time with his wife, and puts up emotional walls. Chris Kyle, the sniper, begins to experience PTSD when he is forced to kill a little boy or let the little boy kill his soldiers. Back stateside, he jumps at things like lawn mowers, has a high-heart rate, and displays denial.

After his second deployment, Mads, a marine he once saved, approaches him and tells him how Chris is his hero. Chris is standoffish. Shortly after the birth of his daughter, Chris visits the hospital and hears her crying. He asks a nurse to attend to her, but the nurse ignores him.

Female Snipers Fighting ISIS - Hell on Earth

Chris screams at her. At the end of his third deployment, Chris reflects on the death of Marc Lee, and he pays too much attention, in a PTSD way, to a non-threatening van on his way home from the funeral. Next, Chris is confronted with the reality of Biggles death. A second little boy down range picks up a bazooka, and Chris aims his weapon at the boy. But the boy chooses to drop the bazooka, and Chris chokes back his emotions.

Following his last deployment, Chris avoids returning to his home, attacks a non-threatening dog at a birthday party, and visits the VA to talk about. Her commitment to him is what keeps her close to him yet in dissension with him. Feeling Threatened by Chris, Taya Threatens Him Back—To feel secure against the choices her husband is making, Taya hints at threats and finally, in their bed, lays down an ultimatum.

ISBN 13: 9781873475669

Her efforts culminate for the first time when she is with Chris in the end playfully pulling her into the shower with her clothes on and flirting in the kitchen. Determining That Chris Should Leave the SEALs—In their home nursery after the birth of their second child, Taya is clearer and stern with Chris regarding his dismissal of the expectations she has for their family.

Taya determines the best thing for her and their family is for Chris to quit the SEALs, and she insists. Feeling Overwhelmed with Anxiety about Her Husband—Since Taya is anxious, she unloads her worries and fury on Chris; this thwarts much of the progress she makes toward giving Chris the support that he needs. Taya Kyle is a pretty woman who is more sensitive than she comes across as.

Taya is a woman who can protect herself. She cares about Chris and the family they are making, but there is little she can do to bring them all together for very long. She takes care of the children all by herself. Quarreling over Family Priorities—Chris denies that his relationship with Taya is poor even though he consistently blows her off and prioritizes the US Military. Taya is aware their relationship is decaying and fights Chris, hoping to get him to prioritize his own family.

He pretends like his family will be all right if he continues to ignore the issue. Desiring Different Directions for Their Family—Both Chris and Taya desire each other and to be a family, but Chris proves, by his actions, that he desires more to protect soldiers than her. Asserting That Military or Family Deserves Chris—Chris has determined that soldiers need him more than Taya, and Taya fights back based on her belief that she and their children need him more.

Being Capable of Sticking Together through Hardship—Their feud is made possible only by their great strength to remain together in the face of the hardship they face.

Experiencing Life Apart from One Another—Despite being a family, they are experiencing life apart because of the dissonance between their focuses and geographical location. As their time apart expands, so do the things they have in common grow apart. Not Coming up with Ideas to Make Military and Family Compatible—In order to make their family work, they need to come up with an idea to make both of their desires compatible.

However, they fail to come up with a proper solution and it pulls them apart.

Yet there is life for those who die to self; Chris gives up his dream for his family yet is given it back in a different form: the VA. Chris and Taya fall in love quickly and marry. Taya and him are separate during her pregnancy. Taya insists on its grave importance of focusing on their union, but Chris blows her off to engage in deployment three. Before deployment four, Taya gives Chris a vague ultimatum. When Chris returns, he and Taya grow closer, and they are better than their bond is stronger than when it started.

Chris acquires learning and experience, via holistic means, about how to find and take down the enemy. Coming up with Targets—The US military conceives of the idea of infiltrating insurgent territory by doing house-to-house patrols, tracking down the Butcher, and killing the enemy sniper. Chris and Marc Lee ride in the back of truck chitchatting when their driver is sniped by Mustafa. Chris and Biggles yuk it up when Biggles is wounded. He then becomes the Sniper.